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Preventing teen homelessness, one life at a time

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Reunifying families

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Laurel House is now Hope Harbor

With the new name of Hope Harbor, we are embracing who we have always been: an anchor of hope for teens in crisis.

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Our mission is providing a home for teens in crisis, transforming lives, and strengthening families.

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Hope Harbor is the only teen shelter program in Orange County providing longer term care to ensure longer term success in these young lives. Our goal is to prevent homelessness for at-risk teen girls and boys by reunifying them with their families or moving them into positive living situations.

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Lorena 2018

“Hope Harbor helped change my life by providing an environment in which I can be academically, emotionally, physically, and mentally successful. All of this has helped me get into college to pursue a great career and further success.”

Blake 1998

“Hope Harbor felt like a family. I was receiving the counseling and attention I needed, and the House Parent’s love and kind nature started eating away at my anger… The amount of love I felt from Hope Harbor was unbelievable.”

Cristina 2018

“Hope Harbor helped get me into college and helped me grow as a person. Being in a structured environment made everything else fall into place so easily.”

Bridget 2011

“I was an extremely rebellious teen. I was getting into trouble at home and school and my life was deteriorating at a rapid pace. Hope Harbor gave me the structure and counseling I needed to steer me in the right direction.”

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