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Hope Harbor Teen Shelter Programs

We provide housing, mental health services, and academic support for teens in crisis.

Did You Know?

We provide a haven of hope for teens by providing comprehensive services to ensure long-term success and prevent homelessness.

Hope Harbor Teen Shelter Homes

We own and operate two six-bed homes nestled in cozy, residential neighborhoods in Orange County.

Sea Glass Girls Home

Hope Harbor Sea Glass is an award-winning, family-centered, six-bed home, nestled in a cozy, residential neighborhood. The home serves teen girls, ages 12-17, who are at risk of running away, homelessness, criminalization, or human trafficking.

Rip Tide Boys Home

Hope Harbor Ripe Tide is a family-centered, six-bed home, located in a beautiful, residential neighborhood. The home serves teen boys, ages 12-17, who are at risk of running away, homelessness, criminalization, or human trafficking.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Teens are eligible if they:

  • Are willing, with their parents/legal guardians, to participate in the Hope Harbor program together and work towards family reunification
  • Are 12-17 years old
  • Have a history of running away or homelessness
  • Have a history of running away or homelessness
  • Have behavioral and/or educational struggles
  • Experiment with drugs or alcohol
  • Show signs of depression and/or erratic behavior
  • Need a temporary break from their families due to tense circumstances at home
  • Teens are not eligible if they:

  • Are in need of medical detoxification
  • Present a clear danger to themselves or others
  • Are pregnant

Intake Process

The intake process begins with a phone call from either the teen in crisis or the parents/legal guardians. Both the teenager and the parents must be willing to participate fully in the Hope Harbor program. The House Parents will conduct interviews with the teen and parents to determine eligibility and suitability for the program. Call (714) 832-0207 for more information or to initiate the process.

Helpful Resources

  • Orange County Rescue Mission
    (714) 247-4300
  • California Youth Services (CYS)
    (949) 303-9016
  • Girls United Together for Strength (GUTS)
    (714) 730-0838
  • Orange County 211
    Dial 211 or (888) 600-4357
  • The Raise Foundation
    (949) 757-3635 ext. 128
  • Community Service Programs (CSP)
    (714) 842-6600
  • Mary’s Shelter
    (714) 730-0930
  • Rainbow Resource Directory
    (800) 440-4780
  • Turning Point Counseling
    (800) 998-6329
  • Casa Youth Shelter
    (714) 995-8601
  • Waymakers Shelter
    (949) 250-0488

Frequently Asked Questions

Do parents or legal guardians need to be involved with the program?

Yes, the success of the Hope Harbor program depends on the family’s involvement with their teen. Because our goal is family reunification, we want to bring healing and restoration to the whole family. A parent or legal guardian is required to participate in family counseling twice a month and work on a family reunification plan with their teen throughout the program.

How long can teens stay in the program?

Teens stay anywhere from 12-18 months. However, if a teen does not have a stable, healthy living environment to return to, Hope Harbor may allow them to stay in the program until they transition directly to college.

What makes Hope Harbor unique compared to other similar organizations helping at-risk teens?

Hope Harbor is the only long-term (12-18 months) youth shelter program for at-risk teens in Orange County. Hope Harbor is also the only shelter program that provides live-in House Parents in a family-like, home environment, rather than a shift rotation of staff. Additionally, Hope Harbor provides mental health resources and college readiness services.

What kinds of fees are involved?

Please discuss potential fees with our admissions team at (714) 832-0207. However, we never turn away teens in need due to lack of financial resources.

How many teens do you serve a year? What is your success rate?

Each home serves six teens at a time and an average of 12 teens per year. Approximately 90% of teens successfully reunify with their families or are referred to a higher level of care. After teens graduate from our program, they remain part of the Hope Harbor family and can continue to receive service referrals and attend alumni events.

Does Hope Harbor provide transportation to school?

Teens at Hope Harbor are required to attend the local public schools. Hope Harbor provides transportation to school, extracurricular activities, tutoring, and SAT/ACT prep classes.

Do teens get to visit their families while staying at Hope Harbor?

Because the goal of Hope Harbor is family reunification, family visits are required as part of the reunification plan.